Saturday, January 14, 2012


Photo credit: Muranaka Farm

Hug the ones you love often. Remember every line on their faces. Memorize their voices. Recognize their scent. Listen and retain the stories they share. Continue to create beautiful memories, but above all, make sure they know how much they are appreciated and cherished, for you never know when they will be taken from you. 

Today we lost a friend. He left behind a beautiful wife and young son. After going into the hospital for acute abdominal pain in December, he was diagnosed with cancer. One month later, he is gone. This has me reflecting about my own mortality, as well as the ones I value and adore. I realize this is a somber post, but sometimes we need to be reminded that life is a gift and it must be treasured.

I know that I will be making a more conscience effort to not take life for granted. Every minute is so valuable and precious. 

You might be questioning what the picture means, it was significant to our friend who passed. Out of respect the family's privacy, I will say no more. 


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  1. So sorry to hear this dear. My condolences. Thinking of y'all and his family.