Thursday, May 10, 2012

Keep it Real....

Not many of us will post horrid pictures of ourselves online. No, we only want people to see us in the most flattering light.

Which is why, I am doing this post. First of all, on most days, I stay in my pajamas until after noon. I'm a stay at home Mom, who has a small business. If I do not have anywhere to go, why bother getting dressed?

So this is exactly how you will find me on most days:

As you can see...I clearly have to pencil in my eyebrows to avoid embarrassment (I have zero makeup on), I had blemishes on my chin and I don't think I had bathed in two days (gross).

This is how I "transform" myself back into a human being:

The difference is night and day. As women, I think we are far too hard on ourselves for multiple reason, but when it comes to looks, we are our own worst critics. It takes, Latisse, a face full of makeup and extensions to get me to look like this, and I can still point out fifteen (more like 100) things I hate about myself. Starting with my nose! I have wanted rhinoplasty my whole life. However, I'm not sure I could ever pull the trigger.  I'm a 35 year old woman (side note: I've been telling everyone that I turned 36 in April, my husband informed me I turned I'm a year "younger" Yay me!) who still has to fight off insecurities. 

Finally, a few people on Twitter have commented on my hair recently. I just chopped three inches off, because I wanted to revive my hair (after years of bleaching blonde). After doing so, I hated it!! So, I purchased inexpensive clip-in hair extensions from, Pro Extensions.

I bought the 20" medium brown for $80.00 (I had a coupon). I do not wear them daily, but on days when I "dress up," I will clip them in. What is it with most women and the attachment to hair?

I think if we were all more honest (including the media) with how we truly looked, instead of using smoke and mirrors, we could all feel much better about ourselves. 



  1. Kudos to you for posting this! You are so right, we are our own worst critics. You, my dear, have nothing to worry about; you are beautiful! Before and after your "transformation"!

  2. I love how you are so honest and you are so willing to share with your readers. You are incredibly beautiful in both of these pictures. I'm serious! You have amazing skin and pretty eyes. And I love your hair, both with and without the clip-in extensions!

  3. I now feel better about just walking the dog in my pajamas :) I often go through carpool looking like a hot mess too. Going to the derm tomorrow and hoping to get less lazy about my skin. Time to start taking care of me!

  4. Confession: I thought your Before picture was your After picture. Until I saw that there was and After picture.

    I think you have an inner beauty that radiates.

  5. You are incredibly beautiful in both pictures, you have the most amazing skin (yes, in the before picture).

  6. WOW! You are pretty in both pictures! But it is amazing at how we feel after putting some make upon and doing our hair, isn't it.

  7. Um, so I don't see anything horrific about your first picture, Ang! You are gorgeous! A natural beauty, as we all are we just have a hard time seeing it. And so incredibly critical. It's funny how men think we are the most gorgeous when we aren't even trying - you aren't trying, you are fabulous! The other stuff that we do (makeup, latisse, extensions, gorgeous clothing) is for other women, so they don't judge. Think about it, it's true!

  8. You're beautiful either way! Thank so much for sharing, your skin is a dream compared to mine but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one suffering from barely there eyebrows... I waxed to death in high school and have missing chunks these days.

  9. Honestly? It looks good no matter what--- you do not need the extensions but it does look nice..