Friday, December 21, 2012

This and That

I'm happy to report that I have found my Christmas spirit! I think volunteering during Miss O's holiday party and seeing her class perform all of my favorite carols had something to do with it.

Here are a few pictures I captured from her performance. Can I add, that while she probably doesn't appreciate it, I'm kind of glad that she is vertically means she gets placed on the front riser, instead of all the way in the back.

My husband and I have been having a "great" (insert sarcasm font) time of moving Jingle Cheeks (our elf on a shelf) around each night. Having him roast marshmallows over a small candle, making s'mores has probably been my favorite activity he has "partaken in." I wish I could take credit for the originality, but I actually follow someone on IG who posted a picture of their elf making s'mores. Naturally, I had to be a copy cat.

I was very excited to receive our pictures back from our session with Michelle Mancuso! She is a fellow Navy wife, and is so incredibly talented. If you live in the Hampton Roads area, and are in need of a photographer, give her a try. Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

I probably won't post again, until after the New Year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my fellow bloggers. Hope your New Year is filled with Love, Happiness and excellent Health! 


  1. These pictures are fantastic!! Hope you have a lovely christmas. :)

  2. Those pictures are SO good! What a gorgeous family. Happy holidays.

  3. I am still loving these pics! Also, I adore Miss O's little eyebrows. So perfect. You tell her firm to never pluck those babies! haha

  4. Great pics! Merry Christmas!

  5. i adore these pictures - all of them! happy holidays to you and your beautiful family! xox

  6. I just love the pictures y'all had done!! And the outfits you picked out for everyone are so fun and bright! I love it :)