About the Domestic Failure

"The Domestic Failure with her accepting family"
Angela Parks is anything but a successful homemaker. Ask her to decorate your home, style an outfit or even your hair, and she will happily oblige. Ask her to clean and cook and you will be sadly disappointed! Married to a Navy pilot and a Mommy to two beautiful little girls, Angela is a self-professed train wreck when it comes to domestic duties. You won't find the beds in her home made daily, you won't find clothes laundered and put away, you won't find a successfully made pot roast or even freshly baked cookies in her kitchen. What you will find are beds that are only made when company visits, piles of dirty laundry that she just can't seem to complete, piles of clean laundry that she has failed to put away and tubes of Pillsbury easy bake cookies in the fridge (because she doesn't even own a recipe for the simplest of chocolate chip cookies). She owns several aprons that have never been worn (all of which were gifts, which proves that her family and friends don't know her nearly as well as they think).  Further, her love of traveling makes her more like Ferdinand Magellan than June Cleaver. Journey with her as she attempts to transform herself from a domestic mess into her domestic best.

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  1. Love your blog site. Feel your pain. I sail on the same boat, I think. Take care of yourself - your little dolls need you. I just came to that realization....like it was an epiphany! Ha. Funny, how we go out the back door as soon as the little ones cross into our threshold. I have finally told myself that if I really am going to be responsible for my little girls, I have to be strong and healthy...and at my very best.
    Warm wishes to you....I hope that you and I can push through to our strongest best yet!